Hey you! I've been completely m.i.a from Puckers & Pumps these past couple of months! I've missed writing and sharing things with you all. There really isn't a specific reason why- we've been traveling and busy with the kids. I had to rush to Newport for a family emergency... honestly I've been TIRED! I know that sounds lame but it's the truth. I am happy to say that we were able to soak in every last minute of Summer with Mav before he started Kindergarten. 

All is good with my family, we had to unexpectedly rush to Newport Beach in June because my Dad had to have open heart surgery. They ended up doing a quadruple by-pass which is insane! The doctor said he wouldn't have made it through Christmas this year... can't even believe it! He is doing much better and is home in Vegas now.

I don't share that much about my Husband but he is from Minnesota so we were able to visit his cute little hometown in July. It was nice to be out of the city with Family and enjoy the farm land. We also baptized Charlie in the Family Church. Maverik was baptized there in 2013 so it was a cute little tradition. I just love being in Minnesota, the weather is nice, big open spaces... for the longest time I kept telling him lets move there and be Farmers! I'm still open to moving there but maybe somewhere closer to Minneapolis so I can still get my big city dose when I need it. You never know ;) 

 We also recently had a little vacation to Pelican Hill Resort in Orange County. It was a trip my Husband was awarded from work and yes, it was amazing! I definitely felt like a Housewife of OC haha. We had a butler, chauffeured rides, great meals and such fun company! I'm looking forward to hanging out with everyone again! 


We let Mav stay up extra late playing video games (fort nite ugh) and sleep in until way too late. He got a nice tan from swimming so much at Green Valley Ranch too. It's our favorite pool because it's more family oriented and relaxing. They also have a 'beach' which is fun for the kids to dig around and build sandcastles... or in our case, Jurassic Park. Mav and Charlie have the cutest bond and she just loves watching him! I'm happy she was born before he started school. 


Now that Mav is in school we are working on more of a routine. I try to have the kids in bed/sleeping by 8:30pm so I can relax a little, clean up and have some wine! I hate feeling rushed in the mornings and so does Mav, he asked me to wake him up earlier so he could relax and watch tv/play with Charlie before we leave for school. So cute! I'm trying not to have a mid-afternoon coffee but I just have to sometimes or else I fall asleep around 3:45pm! It's exhausting walking to and from the school two times a day in the heat. Sometimes I carry Charlie, other times I use the stroller. There is a hill so it's not flat! Eventually I want to stay longer and walk around to get some exercise because I have NOT been following the Sweat App! I need to start it over, I'm thinking September 1st because why not. 

I am looking forward to September because of the Women Who Slay conference! I can't wait! I'm also excited for fall clothes, weather and the CANDLES! What are you looking forward to for the fall?