We welcomed Charlie Alice to the world on Monday, May 14th at 8:03am. She weighed 7lbs. 7oz. and was 20 inches tall! We stayed in the hospital for two nights and were home Wednesday afternoon. I was SO over the hospital bed and room!! 


Luckily my Husband took a week off from work, it was so helpful because this time around I was in a lot of pain with my c-section! It was my second so I wasn't expecting much pain but I sure was wrong! I had to constantly take my prescription every 4 hours on the dot to avoid pain. He did everything - house stuff, groceries, meals and kept Mav entertained. It was amazing since I was practically stuck laying down. The first day he went back to work I cried a little after he left! Everything was fine and we survived but I think I was nervous about being by myself. 

Baby blues and postpartum depression are REAL! I haven't experienced either but I can understand how it's easy to slip into when you're home with a newborn. You are both adjusting to one another and are tired, it's out of routine for everyone. You can't really go anywhere, especially if you have a c-section because there is no driving allowed until you're at least two weeks postpartum and are off of your perscription. I always try to be positive so I figured I would share some tips that have been helpful to me since having Charlie. 

1. Look good, feel good! I am always the person who gets ready for the day, no matter what. It keeps me feeling like myself and somehow I am convinced it gives me more energy. I haven't been getting completely ready but a modified version - letting my hair air dry, a little makeup, trying to find things to wear otherwise I am in pajamas! Below are the products I've been using lately. 

2. WATER! I've found that drinking lots of ice water (with or without lemon) and eating lots of protein helps me feel my best. I never used to like cold water and was always a room-temperature water drinker but since having Charlie I have to have it ice cold. Isn't that so weird?!

3. Protein is key! I eat a lot of eggs and have been loving oatmeal for breakfast with cinnamon, chia seeds and peanut butter. Sometimes I will eat scrambled eggs for dinner with ketchup.. so many people think it's gross, I don't get it! I snack much less when I eat more protein. 

4. Blog posts also make me feel good and I haven't done one in a while - I was so over being pregnant the last few weeks. You get to a point where you just want the weight off and baby out! I'm happy I'm feeling good enough and motivated to write. You could also journal, I see lots of people journaling right when they wake up or right before going to sleep to recap their day/thoughts. 

5. A good shower does wonders! I mean a good shower, when you stand in there and let the hot water sprinkle your shoulders and back. I love showering at night but I haven't been able to just yet because once Charlie goes to sleep I go to sleep. Once I have her in a routine (in about 3 months) I'm hoping I'll be able to get back to my night showers.  

6. Taking my time with everything. Laundry can wait, dishes can wait, mailbox can wait. Newborns are only newborns for so long and each phase that they go through doesn't last very long. I know it may seem like it's lasting forever but it really does go by fast. This is also our last baby so I'm taking the time to enjoy it all. 

7. I can't workout for another month but it's something I looking forward to. It's motivating looking at fitness pages, pinterest, and before and after photos! I plan on doing Kayla Itsines, BBG program and am so excited. I haven't truly worked out consistently since before I had Maverik.  Growing up I was a gymnast and once I learned how to eat for my body in my early 20's, I really didn't have to workout. I probably should have but I was all about that protein and clubbing life! haha I DEFINITELY need to exercise now and I'm anxious to see how I can improve my body. 

8. If you have another child it's always nice to include them. Mav likes to hold Charlie for a minute or two and tries to make her laugh by hitting himself - we've told him she won't laugh for a while but he still tries! He will also watch her while she's in her little rocking sleeper so I can get small things done. 

Those are the things that have been working for me, if you have any tips that helped you please comment below! 

**Charlies newborn beanie is from Girls, Giggles & Curls!**