With your second baby there's always the baby shower or to not baby shower? I decided to have a small one only because my first born is a boy and my shower was five years ago. Typically the second shower is called a "sprinkle," which is basically what this was. This time around it's a girl and I think a little celebrating was in order. I am so happy I decided to because it turned out perfectly thanks to my two besties! 

The decor was done nicely, not too much or too baby shower-esq if you know what I mean! They made a cute balloon wall to go above the fruit/cookie/scone display which was adorable as you can see in the above photo. Little bits and pieces here and there. Bath bombs in pink tulle for thank you gifts and a cute little sign! 


The menu was light, nice and tasty! Brooke and Kaylan served carved ham and dubliner cheese sandwiches along with caprese sandwiches on the most amazing baguette! The bread, I can't! I'm happy I don't know where they bought it because I would want to keep it on hand 24/7! There was also an amazing homemade pesto pasta and a fresh salad! {Yes, that's skeleton keys on the chandelier, I have been obsessed with it since Brooke got it!!}


Lemon infused water and a mimosa bar! I pretended of course but how gorgeous are the glasses!! {Thanks Melania!}

We played two games which was perfect, I wanted everyone to just relax and mingle because a lot of us hadn't seen each other in a while. The vibe was calm and enjoyable and I was able to talk to everyone which is always nice. Maverik and Aiden kept each other busy which was a huge plus! 


I love all of the gifts we got from clothes to headbands/bows and girly blankets and bath necessities but my favorites were the time capsule and baby dress! The time capsule is for the baby to open and read when she is 18, everyone wrote her a note. No, I haven't read them and yes, I do plan on adding a note myself. The baby dress was mine when I was a baby, my Mom saved it and I had no idea. Sooo sweet! 


After gifts we had the most amazing naked, lemon pound cake! Brooke made it, I don't know how she doesn't have her own bakery! She also made scones, vegan cookies and regular cookies. So so good!! 


Overall it was the perfect baby shower, I wouldn't change a thing! My Mother in law was also in town from Arizona and was able to come which was nice, she also sent the prettiest spring flowers. My Dad stopped by after to pick up my Mom so we were able to get a picture all together. 


My dress is from Sexy Mama Maternity in the color Blush Pink and was so comfy and flattering. I was worried about it being see through but it wasn't at all. I wore nude/wicker Gianni Bini wedges which are so comfy but sold out. These are similar, I love all of his shoes by the way! Zero 'breaking in' required. Lastly for jewelry I wore these really pretty colorful earrings that were a gift  but these will work too! 

H U G E thank you to everyone who came and made the day extra special! We love you all!