As I am coming to the end of my second pregnancy I have been thinking about how both pregnancies have been completely different and I've needed different things to get through the different phases. I am going to share those items/tips/tricks and what worked best for me because it could help you too! 

1. Nausea - I didn't experience this at all with my first pregnancy so I wasn't even anticipating it the second time around. Cold ginger-ale (the colder the better) was my SAVIOR during my first trimester. 

2. Sensitivity to Smell - PREGGIE POPS!! I would be anywhere and smell something that would make me want to run the other way so I would pop a candy in my mouth and it would go away. Sometimes I had I had to have 2-3 but they totally work and taste so good! Maverik would try to sneak them haha. They also say to smell a lemon but I didn't think it would be cute to carry around a lemon and walk around smelling it... haha

3. Water - I usually only drink room temperature water, coffee and wine..... I am not a fan of flavored water so this was a challenge for me because plain water was suddenly so gross! I was mad at first but slowly this phased out a couple of weeks into my second trimester. You obviously need water so I would drink sparkling flavored water, add tons of ice cubes and lemon to water so it was like lemonade and juice but dilute it with 1/2c - 3/4c of water. I also drank a lot of the tazo iced passion tea lemonade but made it at home!

4. Exhaustion - I needed naps for both pregnancies in the first trimester. I just could not stay awake! It's important to listen to your body and if it's telling you to relax then do it! I also completely stopped with coffee for as long as I could both times. It was hard at first but you get used to it. With P1 I brought coffee back during my third trimester and with P2 I brought it back in the second trimester - just one cup a day (or a tall size) though. My doctor said it's fine as long as you aren't overdoing it. 

5. Stress - I had stress in different ways with both pregnancies. It's important to try to remain calm because they say whatever you're feeling the baby can feel too. I don't know how true that is but I like to believe it. With P1 we had to do a lot of extra testing because they said Mav had a thick neck which was a sign of down syndrome. We went back and fourth about testing for it or not and the side effects, etc. Luckily he didn't/doesn't have it. This time around was difficult because of being at Route 91 when all hell broke loose and while I was only 8 weeks pregnant at the time it's still a very traumatic thing to experience. Did we get physically hurt, no. I am not a huge "feelings" person. I don't like sob stories, I get awkward when people cry to me (not Mav).... so was I going to talk about my experience non-stop, of course not. There were some other changes I was going through as well so it was just a lot on top of my pile. I was showering one time, early November, rinsing the conditioner out of my hair and I remember thinking about route 91 and why it happened, how it happened, thankful to have not gotten injured, some other life changing stuff... and then everything went black and I fainted! I fell out of the shower! Luckily the way I fell I sort of twisted to the left, towards the shower door, and my right leg was tripped by my left leg and I landed on all four's. How do I know I fell that way - I don't but thats what I think based on the bruising I had. Stomach never touched anything thank god! I got up and just laid down for a while. After that I would try to focus my mind to something else if it started thinking about Route 91/other stressful things. A good candle and notebook helps me deal with stress/feelings and understanding that you can't control everything and everyones actions. Bad things happen every day to people and all you can do is accept it and move forward. 

6. People - I recently saw a quote that said, "want to find out who your real friends are, get pregnant!" It was funny and it is so true. Obviously we know friendships go through up's and down's, life gets in the way, some people make more of an effort than others, myself included. I have recently learned that you should only put your time and energy into people who truly care about you and want to lift you up. People who want to see you succeed! I would rather have a small amount of friends who I can truly trust and who know the real me than 30 people who are secretly wishing bad things upon me. It took me all of my 31 years to fully understand this and that is one thing I will start teaching my kids early on. 


7. Sleep - Sleeping gets so uncomfortable as your belly grows! They make giant, anaconda like pillows that you can get to wrap around your body that help. I had one with P1 but I am a flat pillow person so it did nothing for me. I think I ended up giving it to my Sister or something. You can also put a pillow under your belly and in-between your legs but of course for me it only made my back hurt since my neck was lower due to my flat pillow. I go from side to side throughout the night and have found that if I only use a pillow for my head I sleep the best. A pillow under my belly felt weird. We have big reclining chairs in the living room and I always take naps on them because you can elevate your feet but still be sitting upright with a small slant. *They say it's best to sleep on your left side because thats how you get the most oxygen so I try to do that as much as possible* 

8. Energy - Keeping your energy levels up is something that gets harder as the baby grows. I try to take Mav out and do things - target (his fav. place), friends house, activities- I think i've done a pretty good job of keeping him entertained. I definitely plan our days and keep lists of what we need to do daily vs. weekly. He is fully aware of our lists and helps me remember some things. The third trimester is the hardest because you want to run around like you're used to but you get so tired, things start to hurt, shortness of breath... I have learned that I need to prioritize. Last weekend we attended a gala and it was from 6pm to 10pm. My Husband kept asking what I wanted to do during the day but I told him I would rather relax at home so I am not completely exhausted for the gala and he was fine with it, we had a nice afternoon at home and I survived the party! Drinking lots of water helps too, anytime I am feeling tired I will try to drink a glass of water and it seems to bring my levels back up. 

9. Not being baby obsessed 24/7 - You don't want to be the pregnant person that constantly talks about being pregnant or babies 24/7. You can come off as annoying and selfish and no one wants that. Yes it's an exciting time in your life and is a huge change but I actually try to not talk about it when I go out with my friends because 1. they could find it annoying because it's not something everyone is going through 2. girl time is girl time, I use it to the fullest and enjoy it because it's where you can just do your thing and not worry about day to day things such as parenting/house stuff/etc. If someone asks me a question or brings up kids/baby then I will of course respond but I try my best to not bring it up. This also comes into play with kids... I don't want Mav to feel at all like he's being replaced or that he is #2. We will read the weekly updates on the baby together and if he has questions, which is always, I will explain. If the baby is moving a lot I will have him feel so he knows there really is a baby in this giant belly! He brings up baby things more than I do which is what I prefer, I want him to be curious on his own.

10. Headaches - Rough! This one is rough! You aren't supposed to take any medicine during pregnancy and I am too paranoid to anyways. My doctor said tylenol was fine but I just can't bring myself to do it. Headaches come and go during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes your body is going through. Peppermint essential oil worked wonders for me! I would put gobs on my forehead, temples and under my nose anytime I had a headache and just lie down until it subsided. Remember everything is just a phase and will eventually pass!  

Those are the major ones for me... if anything else comes to mind I will add. If you have any questions or tips please comment below, I would love to read what's worked for you!