We are ALMOST THERE!! Some weeks have gone by quickly, others have taken 92 years. Of course the closer we get the longer the days and weeks are. I am so ready to be done, I feel that I've taken it all in and embraced this pregnancy. I've enjoyed as much of it as I can but it's definitely my last one! I'm thankful I'm able to carry my own babies but I'm not the person that will ever say, "I loved being pregnant!" It's just so hard on our bodies! I can't imagine twins or quadruplets! 

How Far Along? 35 Weeks

Weight Gain/Loss: +25lbs {I gained 50 with Mav!!!}

Sleep: The sleepy spells are back from Trimester 1!!! I get tired daily between 2pm and 4pm and if I can I will nap for 20 - 40 minutes. At night I can fall asleep within minutes but will wake up randomly, and be wide awake twiddling my thumbs. I get kicked in the ribs so I move from side to side every hour it seems. 

Best Moment This Week: I am counting down the days until May 14th so week 35 is a nice little internal celebration ha-ha. At the most I have 28 days left unless she decides to come on her own before then. SO many people (strangers) tell me she will come before May 14th and how low she is... I welcome her to come early. However if there's a thing or two I know about Tauruses, they do things on their own time when they are ready. 

*Side note if you have c-sections your doctor will schedule the...eviction...when you are 32 weeks. They schedule it for when you are 39 weeks* 


Movement: She moves a lot in there at random times during the day and always at night when I am ready to sleep. It's either her little tushy or head that is trying to come out on the right side of my belly button. Maverik and I play her music here and there to see if she moves more, it's 50/50! 

Food Cravings: Still eating pineapple, yogurt, fruit, meat (yet I have to take iron pills now?!) and cold water. I'm usually a room temperature water drinker but the colder the better! Nothing sounds repulsive to me and smells don't bother me. 

What I Miss: Being able to bend down, walk fast, not running out of breath, sleeping on my legs and feet are starting to swell too so that's not fun!! Hoping it isn't preclampsia! I will call my Doctor if it doesn't stop in a couple of days because I am not supposed to see him until next Friday. 

Stretch Marks: Not any new ones.. they are tiny tiny light ones from Mav. I've been using palmers cocoa butter lotion at night though. I'll probably continue to use it for 6 months postpartum to help everything go back to normal! 



Belly Button: It's non-existent! Not in, not out, just flat. My Husband says it looks like an alien! 

Wedding Rings: Still fit the same but I never take them off so they are practically embedded into my finger. 

What I look forward to: Seeing what she looks like! I only had two ultrasounds and the last one was at 22 weeks. I go back and fourth between getting a 4D/HD ultrasound.. Mav says he wants to see her so I'm sure he will convince us to go! 

Exercise: Trying not to sit for long periods of time, getting up and walking around, some leg lifts here and there but nothing too crazy. I get tired so easily now! 


I still have a to-do list before she comes; finish painting the rocking chair, pack my hospital bag, pick her "going home outfit," get myself a cute robe and she needs some onesies - either newborn or 0-3 months. I am also in the final stages of planning Le Diner en Blanc and that event takes place on April 29th. Trying to keep as calm as I can with that so I don't go into labor before then! Keep your fingers crossed for me!! 

*DRESS DETAILS - I am obsessed with this flowy chiffon wrap dress from Pink Blush! It comes in two other pretty colors too. The pattern is perfect for Spring and I love that the material is chiffon. It's lined everywhere except the sleeves which is nice especially when you live in the desert! It has an elastic waist band above the belly and just sits so nicely on my bump!! You can find it here!