As you know I love a good DIY project! I am always checking pinterest for new ideas especially with a baby on the way. There are so many great organizing ideas for the nursery and closet. I already knew I was going to paint the crib (from espresso to white) and knew I needed a dresser of some sort. I could have easily gone to Ikea and found one but I wanted something that would require a little more work. Weird right... most people want things to be the easiest and quickest. 

I am semi-new to the Facebook Marketplace and was looking on it one day for a dresser. Why am I new to it - because I didn't have the facebook app until about November, I'm more of an instagram person. I found a few here and there that were ok and then found this GEM! It was only a few miles away from us and the owner said it was free, just had to be picked up by a certain time. I quickly messaged her and Maverik and I were in the car in no time! 


My first thoughts were... it's older than I expected, these stickers have probably been on for a century what if they don't come off and I am going to need more sand paper! Took it home and it sat in the garage for a few days. 

First I removed the hardware, that was easy. Next was the stickers and surprisingly they came right off in their full piece. Next I sanded the whole thing, not too much but enough to blur out any scratches/dents/old paint chips, etc. I have a small handheld sander and I think the battery only lasts 25 minutes so I had to stop and charge it then resume sanding. 

I covered the holes (4 in each drawer) from the hardware with nail filler and let it dry over night. I just packed it in with my fingers, I imagine similar to how people make sausages using that creepy clear casing. Actually there's probably a machine but whatever. Some spots needed more the next day so added it and let it dry again over night. I think the instructions say 30 minutes but I wanted to make sure it was really dry in there! I had to sand over the filler on the inside of the drawers and outside to smooth it all out but that was quick. 


Next was deciding what color to paint the dresser! I wanted a light pink color so we went to Lowes to look at swatches. Side note: I love Lowes, I could wander around all day and find new projects. The employees probably think I am a weirdo because I just look around and ask random questions about things. Anyways, I let Maverik pick some swatches he liked (hot pink, purple, magenta, RED!) and I found a pretty light shade, more of a baby baby pink. We happened to check the sale section and there was a can (31 oz.) for $3.00 in the baby shade I liked. It's called Pink Booties by Olympic. It's a satin enamel and paint and primer in one. I was unsure if I should get it only because it was our first time looking at colors but I decided why not. If i didn't like how it looked I was only wasting $3.00. We got an angled brush and a soft roller and were out! 

I took the drawers out of the dresser and laid them down, figured it would be easiest to paint them that way. I used this roller for the majority of each piece and this brush for corners and spots that the roller couldn't reach. The color was perfect, not overly pink just the right amount. Maverik kept asking me why it was white which made me nervous but after the second coat it was clearly light pink. I did two coats in total and spot painted random places that needed more coverage. For a top coat my Husband used a can and a half of

*I painted in the garage, door open and wore a mask*

My "helpers," eating snacks playing video games.. 


Lastly were the KNOBS! I wanted them sparkly and girly! Back to Lowes we went, there wasn't enough sparkle so we checked Home Depot. Same problem so I checked Amazon. Amazon always has everything but I like the instant gratification of finding things in stores! I ordered these knobs based on their reviews and they were much cheaper and bigger than what the stores were selling them for. Two short days later they arrived and were SO sparkly and pretty however only one screw was included! I had to wait for them to mail me all of the screws which took almost three weeks... it's fine, I wasn't in any rush as long as the dresser was done by May. 

Measuring where I wanted the knobs to go and screwing them in took me longer than it should have...user error! For a final touch I lined the drawers with cute wrapping paper I found from HomeGoods. It's a little thick making it nicer. 


Ta-Da!!! The final product, I love it!! I think it came out so cute and not too bad for my first big piece. If I could change one thing I would have gotten a different roller because it's not smooth feeling, it's not rough or anything but just not smooth. It's still perfect to me! 


Overall I spent under $25! Now I need to finish and assemble the crib so I can organize the rest of the room! If you have any questions please comment below!