Maverik hasn't attended any sort of school yet. We tried daycare for two weeks when he was two but he hated it and would wake up crying saying, "no go skoo!" It was so sad and as parents we are softies! It's fine... Mav is fully aware that he will be going to Kindergarten in August because he will be 5 years old. We knew we had to give him some sort of education these last couple of years!

With that being said we have had great luck with Legacy Learning Academy! I came across their instagram one day and loved their products. They have educational games, dry-erase worksheets and other sets to encourage learning. Everything is very self explanatory and clear to understand for the kiddos. 

I purchased a set with a bunch of different templates including some simple addition, spelling, shapes and emotions. I will sit with Mav and try to have him do them for 30 minutes a day but I think he is out growing them because he just says 'yeah I already know how to do this one!" haha Anyways everything is very affordable and when you sign up for their newsletter you can get 15% off of your first order.


He can spell his first name pretty good, we are working on memorizing how to spell "Hedlund." I like the all of the dry-erase templates because you can just wet a paper towel and clean them off. Super easy and convenient! 


We are working on reading next, he asks what everything says anytime we go places. "Mama what does B-A-K-E-R-Y say, "what does D-E-L-I say?" Hopefully he will be reading by the time school starts even though it's not a requirement. 

We have other workbooks that we use too but these are his favorite! Parents send me any learning tools or techniques that have worked on your littles!