The thing I love about being a girl is that we can accessorize differently everyday and for me it's  based on my mood or what my plans are. When it comes to packing I am a firm believer in overpacking because you never know how you're going to feel when you wake up. The same thing goes for accessories! I have some pieces I wear everyday but I add other things to jazz it up! 

I recently went to Disneyland and wore my smart watch to keep track of my messages and steps of course. I took pictures throughout the day and the first thing I noticed in the pictures was my watch...it was HUGE and stuck out like a sore thumb. It didn't look stylish at all with what I was wearing and I honestly have not put it back on since then!

As a Mom it's sometimes annoying having to dig in your purse to check the time on your phone and I am always late for things so I just prefer a quick, little glance at my wrist. It makes life a whole lot easier and if it can be done stylishly it's a win-win for me! With that being said I recently came across JORD watches which are made out of WOOD!! I never even knew a watch could be made out of wood so I was in awe looking at these unique watches. They have different options for both Men and Women and so many colors to fit every style. I chose the Frankie 35 series which is dark sandalwood and slate with rose gold accents! It's GORGEOUS! They ask for your wrist size in centimeters so it arrives fitting perfectly. 

I never take these three bracelets off so I just add to them depending on my mood or what my plans are. I love that the JORD watch just enhances them!

I never take these three bracelets off so I just add to them depending on my mood or what my plans are. I love that the JORD watch just enhances them!

When it arrived it came in this gorgeous keepsake box, fiber cloth, extra links and some finishing oil. I immediately put it on and noticed how lightweight it was. You don't even notice it on your wrist! The dark wood matches silver, gold and rose gold accessories which is perfect for anyone. My day to day outfits are typically casual - jeans, tee's, sweaters- so I like to dress the outfit up with accessories and JORD enhances everything so nicely. My Husband noticed it right away and asked where his was haha. 


My favorite thing about JORD watches are that they offer engraving!! I love being able to personalize just about anything and with past experience it's such a pain looking for an engraver, dropping it off, picking it up, etc. JORD offers it right on their website so your watch arrives complete with the engraving. I decided to add "onward & upward," to the back of my watch because it's one of my favorite quotes. It's about positivity and always moving forward which is something I live by. 

I am so excited to share with you that I have partnered with JORD and we are giving one lucky winner a $100.00 giftcard to use towards a JORD purchase! To enter you will need to click here! Please note the contest ends on April 1, 2018 so it's best to enter now!