Happy Friday!! Today I am going to give you the in's and out's of Le Diner en Blanc, a chic, picnic held at a secret location where everyone wears all white. We are coming up on Las Vegas' second Diner en Blanc just 29 days away from today. I can't wait! I already have my outfit planned, lets just hope I don't go into early labor! #fingerscrossed 

30 years ago in Paris, France, a group of friends decided to have a picnic in an unconventional public area. They wanted it to be nicer than just sitting on a blanket and enjoying each others company so they decided they would each bring a table, folding chairs, cutlery, plates and wear all white to identify one another. Each year their picnic grew larger and more elaborate thus becoming what it is today. Le Diner en Blanc Paris now hosts over 10,000 guests each year, with a record of 15,000 people attending the 25th Anniversary in 2013. Additionally, the event now takes place in close to 80 cities in 30 countries around the world. 



There are a few different elements of surprise to the event, the first is waiting to see if you receive a formal invitation or not... tickets are sold in pairs and are done in three phases. Phase 1 is for current members who have previously participated in Diner en Blanc. Phase 2 is for sponsored guests; if you are a Phase 1 member and want to invite a friend, they would be placed in Phase 2 as you are sponsoring them to attend. Lastly we have Phase 3, this is for guests who registered to be on the waitlist. There are only a certain amount of ticket sales each year so as you can imagine the majority of tickets will be disbursed to Phase 1. In Las Vegas' first year there were 1,000 attendees and for 2018 there will be about 1,200. All guests will receive their invitation via email so make sure to check your email! 

The second big surprise is that you will not know where the event venue is until about 30 minutes prior to the start time. I know what you're thinking... how are 1,200 people going to get to the same spot in 30 minutes? There are different pick-up locations across town which you will select from when purchasing your tickets. You can either uber to your pick-up location or drive yourself. You will be greeted by a small group of people, one of whom is your bus leader. This person will direct you to your bus and give you any other necessary information. When you arrive to the venue, your bus leader will guide you to the designated spot to where you will set up your table and decor. 

Las Vegas' first Diner en Blanc in 2016 held at The Park in-between Monte Carlo and New York New York

Las Vegas' first Diner en Blanc in 2016 held at The Park in-between Monte Carlo and New York New York

Table and decor... this is a big part of Diner en Blanc! You are required to bring your own small table, two folding chairs and decor of your choice in all white of course. Accents of silver and gold are welcome. The table should be something foldable and lightweight as you will be carrying it and must be between 28 and 32 inches. It doesn't have to be white as most people bring a white linen/white table cloth to cover the table. I have this one, it's very lightweight and comes in a carrying case. For chairs I have two of these from Ikea! Very easy to carry. You must also bring cloth-napkins, cutlery, dish wear, glassware and a garbage bag for an easy clean up. The idea is to leave the venue spotless as if nothing was ever there. Most people bring a white basket or something like this for easy transport. You can also pick up this to lighten your load. 

After you purchase your ticket online you will be able to purchase food baskets, wine, champagne, water and other items from the e-store. This is very convenient because you won't have to carry these extra items from home to the venue. There will be a designated food and beverage pick up area where you will retrieve any ordered items. All e-store items must be pre-purchased because on-site sales are forbidden so it is very important to place your order should you wish to. As well, most venues do not allow you to bring your own alcohol. Don't forget a bottle opener! 

As far as the dress code, you must be dressed elegantly in white. Accessories such as jewelry and shoes can be nude, gold or silver however white is preferred. If someone shows up dressed inappropriately to their pick-up location they will be asked to go home and change. You definitely need to plan ahead hence why I've gotten mine done early. Below are some ideas if you haven't a clue what to wear... 

There are a few iconic moments to Diner en Blanc, the first being once guests are settled and have their tables set up, picked up their e-store items and area ready for the night to begin they will spontaneously lift their white cloth napkins to indicate the beginning of dinner. After that everyone may begin eating, talking, enjoying the music, etc. Guests are to remain seated (of course you can get up and use the restrooms) until the end of dinner and the official opening of the dance floor which is done with sparklers. Everyone will be directed when to light their sparkler (provided during dinner) which is another magical moment and great for photos/videos! Dancing, laughing, smiles and memory making are all done during dancing. You will be notified when the night is coming to an end and will be directed to your table area to pack up your items. Busses will arrive and you will follow your table leader to the correct bus to take you back to your pick-up location. 

It is truly a magical night and it's something everyone should participate in at least once! This will be my third Diner en Blanc, the first was in Miami, Florida and I fell in love with the event! It sounds like a lot of work compared to other events you go to but it's well worth it! 

The Las Vegas event will be on Sunday, April 29th and Phase 2 is set to open on Tuesday, April 3rd and Phase 3 will be the following Tuesday. You can register by clicking here! It will be an amazing evening with a lot of fun and great photo opportunities so be sure to bring your portable chargers! 


I hope to see you all there, please say hi to me if you are attending!! As always, thank you for reading and if you have any questions you can comment below and I will reply asap. Have a fabulous weekend!