Happy Friday!! All week we have been stuck inside because the weather has been so ugly and COLD! I have been organizing things (pantry, cupboards) and vaccuming lint! It seems to just appear over night, I don't get it. To keep myself busy I've also been lightly exercising. I'm never the girl who is addicted to the gym or a have a fitness regimen I follow, I like to live by the "it's 80% what you eat and 20% exercise," motto. :) 

Anyways if you've ever been pregnant you know all about the back pain and how you can't sleep as well as you used to. When I do light exercise I feel better and sleep better so I am trying to follow the Pregnancy Guide by Alexa Jean Fitness. I started doing it in October but I don't follow it every day. I aim for a few times a week depending on how I'm feeling. It mainly consists of legs and arms so it's perfect and it usually takes 20-25 minutes. On the days she recommends taking a 15-20 minute walk I translate that as going to the mall or target, hey whatever works right! 


I purchased the bundle guide which includes 3 trimesters of workouts and it was just cheaper than buying them all individually. I have the guides on my laptop and saved on my phone in iBook. It's easy to access and follow and it DOES THE JOB! I will be sore for days, love it! If you're looking for something quick to do while you watch TV or need some 'me' time this is a nice, affordable option! 


I am very bad at drinking water lately so I've been working on that! I just keep water bottles all over and drink one whenever I see one. Send me any ideas you have about maintaining a healthy pregnancy - I just can't do flavored water of any kind!

Maverik and I are going to venture off to the fabric store... going to attempt to make a ribbon mobile for the crib. Thanks for reading! 

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