I had the most fun last weekend at Neiman Marcus in Fashion Show Mall previewing some of their #crazygoodgifts and have decided to share my favorite items with you all!

When I think of Neiman Marcus the first thing that comes to mind is quality and all of these gifts are nothing short of that. I noticed I’m a creature of habit and usually buy the same things as gifts. For example I have bought my Husband too many watches, when something’s coming up he will remind me not to buy him a watch ha-ha. I always buy my Mom and Sisters makeup because that’s what I love so it’s the easiest for me.

First we were greeted with a cotton candy, expresso martini. Yes, please! Perfect way to start my morning :)


When looking at Neiman Marcus’ gifts I was trying to go beyond my typical go-to gifts and actually found really good things that got me excited!

  1. Angela Caglia Rose Quarts Roller - “Renowned for its centuries old skin nourishing properties and unconditional love energetic, this rose-quartz face roller can help drain fluid, boost circulation, improve elasticity and promote cell turnover for a brighter, healthier glow.” Priced at $65.00 that fits in my budget and who wouldn’t enjoy rolling their face while taking a bath or shower. Love it!


2. Bari Lynn Clutch - Alright so technically they are for young girls BUT it’s actually the perfect sized clutch for a night out or some holiday partying. They are hard-cased which makes them fun and the pops of glitter make it that much more fun! They are $75 each and can be used endlessly.


3. Brooklyn Brine Whiskey Pickle - SO random and out of the blue but they are so good! Everyone knows a pickle lover and these won’t disappoint! The perfect amount of crunch and zest! They are $10 so you can even add a bottle of Whiskey and still be at a great price!


4. Neiman Marcus Six-Cake Holiday Sampler- Who doesn’t love cake! You can never go wrong with cake especially when it has liquor in it! I’m supposed to be avoid carbs but I had to try them, so so good! They are $52 and come in cute festive packaging, perfect!


5. Yves Saint Laurent L’Homme Beaute Holiday Set - First of all this scent is to die for! I’m thinking of getting it for my Husband and just adding it to his cologne collection without telling him because I always also get him cologne ha-ha. This one just smells so nice, I can’t even explain it to you. Go smell it now - great for your boyfriend, husband, man-friend, whatever! It’s $115.00 which is not bad at all considering it’s a designer fragrance.


6. Oribe Dry Styling Collection - If you’ve never ever smelled Oribe… we can’t be friends. Kidding but this also smells so good and the scent lingers on your luscious strands of hair. If you know someone super into hair, or dry shampoo they will love this!! $74.00 for the collection and it will last!


7. Last but not least, Spectacles for Snapchat! - I’m super picky with sunglasses because I feel like I have the weirdest face shape but when I put these on I was surprised at how much I loved them! They are very nice and take great videos for snapchat which you can also use for instagram stories. A definite must for the tech-savvy one in your life!


Let me know if you end up shopping for any of these #crazygoodgifts from Neiman Marcus! I promise they’ll be a hit for whomever is on your naughty or nice list!