Where to begin! A handful of Las Vegas Bloggers and I were invited to attend the Las Vegas Market by Level Brands on behalf of Kathy Ireland. If you aren't familiar with the Las Vegas Market it's the largest furniture, home decor, and gift wholesale market, aka so many amazing pieces and ideas to fit anyones lifestyle. If you aren't familiar with Kathy Ireland she is a model and actress turned business mogul with a brand covering items from fashion, beauty, home, kids, pets, diamonds and weddings/events to name a few! Of course I happily accepted the invite and was then told I would get to meet Kathy and ask her a few questions. I immediately began to think to myself this Woman has successfully built one of the largest empires from A - Z how could I narrow it down to just a few questions? 

I started doing some research as any writer does and watched some of her interviews, read some articles and learned more about her variety of brands. Aside from her being completely gorgeous I immediately noticed how calm, kind, genuine and carting Kathy was during her interviews. She seems to truly care about her brands, where she puts her time and effort and of course her customers. 

When we arrived to the Las Vegas Market we saw the Kathy Ireland brand on a billboard with Michael Amini to showcase their furniture line. In the first showroom, pictured below, she had embellished pillows and rugs which were all very stylish and affordable! When we reached the elevator bank Kathy and Michael were pictured on each door too. It was exciting to say the least! 

Loving this bedroom set by Michael Amini & Kathy Ireland - how cute is the plush rocking chair!

Loving this bedroom set by Michael Amini & Kathy Ireland - how cute is the plush rocking chair!

Upon sitting down with Kathy I was able to watch her from a short distance as she conducted interviews. Just as she was on her video interviews I had watched, she was poised, always stood up straight, kept a smile on her face and was fully engaged in each conversation. I thought to myself there are so many people, camera crew and clients all around yet she has the focus to be present with whomever she was conversing. 

After some cheese, crackers and chocolate fondue we all sat around a table with Kathy. She had been talking non-stop all day yet she was fully alert and gave off this positive, happy vibe which I think rubbed off on all of us at that table! We all introduced ourselves and asked some questions which flowed rather easy and nice. It was enjoyable and I personally didn't want it to end! 

I learned a lot from Kathy but these tips are the ones that have stuck with me the most: 

  • How do you keep your motivation? Kathy said, "if you believe in what you do and you're passionate about it, you're not going to give up." It's very easy to lose motivation day to day especially when you're building your brand on your own. You aren't sure if things are working, it's hard to see if your readers are enjoying your posts, how do you stand out from competition, etc. I worked for a company for the past 11 years because I was comfortable in that type of work and thought that I would be doing that forever. I thought it was my life! Was I completely happy? No. Was I passionate about it? No. I was settling for the only thing I knew and that is no way to live your life. As I've mentioned before I have always found comfort in writing and one day in May of 2017 I created my website and here we are. Baby steps are better than zero steps and you'll never know the outcome until you try.

  • How did you handle rejection during your career? "Criticism is a gift wrapped in a nasty package," Kathy confidently said while smiling. You've got to take the sometimes hard and hurtful advice and use it better yourself. How do you expect to know your areas of improvement if everyone is always patting you on the back.

  • With so many successful brands how do you choose where to invest your time? Kathy said first and foremost, "faith, family and giving service," are on the top of her list. Ventures and work come next. If you aren't happy and healthy you can't give your 100% to anyone or anything. When choosing brands and projects she likes to make sure the items are of good quality and value which was instilled in her via her mentor, the late Elizabeth Taylor. [Side note: The moment Kathy brought up Elizabeth Taylor her eyes got bigger, her face got brighter, it was as if Elizabeth had walked into the room. I complimented Kathy on her jewelry because it was all gorgeous and she let me know that they were all gifts from Elizabeth. So touching and sweet!!] She also said you need to meet the sales teams before you hop on board because they are the ones who are with the clients and know what works vs. what doesn't.

In her free time she enjoys reading, surfing, hiking and being outdoors to name a few. She is married and has three kids making her the ultimate GOAL because if you're a Mom you know how much hardwork you put in day to day, making time for work and for the family! In one of Beyonce's ultimate girl power songs, Run the World, the lyrics are, "Boy I know you love it, How we're smart enough to make these millions, Strong enough to bear the children, Then get back to business." Well needless to say, Kathy runs the world! She is also an Aries which is one of the best astrological signs I get along with ;)

Overall I am still in awe of Kathy and look up to her in so many ways. Beauty, brains, a genuine person, amazing business skills, the list goes on! It was a wonderful experience and I am so happy I was able to attend. I am even more so motivated than I was before and hope to one day be the Kathy Ireland to someone! I have constantly been adjusting my posture too ;) 


Thank you for reading, as always I love comments and questions!! 

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