Valentines Day is right around the corner and just about every store you walk into reminds you with their candy, cards and decorations. I like to buy decorations that will last me a few years if not longer. I have dish towels (not for use, just to look cute on the oven) a ribbon banner and some odds and ends. I also keep two apothecary jars on our entry table and keep one filled with candy and match the candy to the holiday/party theme/etc. 

Maverik and I were in the craft store looking at Valentines Day decorations and I saw the cutest "XOXO" wood sign for $9.99. I was going to buy it but after looking at it realized I could make one for less than it was priced and it would be of better quality. I could have used a 40% off coupon making it even cheaper but I let Mav use it on a slime kit. Such a Mom thing to do right! 

I already had gorilla glue, a wood scrap in the garage and pink/red paint. All I needed was the letters and some white matte paint. I use white paint a lot for crafts so I bought a bigger bottle which I think was $2.80. The bottle doesn't say matte on it so I dabbled a little on the back of one of the letters to made sure it dried matte. {Michaels doesn't carry gorilla wood glue online, I'm not sure if they do in-stores because I purchase mine from Lowes but I found this kind at Michaels if you need some and don't want to have to run to different stores.}


I bought two X's and two O's in the wood section that were each $1.49. They are 3 inches tall and can be found here.  Make sure to remove the staple from the back of each letter - sticker is fine to keep on. 


Next you need a piece of wood! Michaels has different kinds to choose from. I used a left over piece that is 3.25 inches wide and 18 inches long. At the time I wasn't sure if I wanted mine to be pink and white or red and white but ultimately decided to do pink. You can paint whichever first, I did the letters because they are messier since you have to do the front and sides.


Optional: Once dried you can sand the board to make it look worn. I just did it for a few seconds all over. 

Before I sanded the board. Please ignore my messy table!

Before I sanded the board. Please ignore my messy table!

After I sanded it- just a little distressing.

After I sanded it- just a little distressing.

Next you just want to position your letters to make sure you like the spacing. When ready add the glue to the back of each letter and place on the board. Let dry for 30 minutes or longer before you place it it's desired area. 


Easy project and it's something you can use every year! Send me your pictures if you decided to make one. 

Final product with proper lighting, isn't she so cute!!