Happy Wednesday! What are your plans for the day? Maverik and I are going to get out and exercise today with some mild cardio...by shopping! Nothing too crazy because my legs are still sore from Monday night when I did legs. Maverik did it with me too and of course he isn't sore at all, to be young again! 

Each night before bed during my nightly routine I analyze my face and pick, poke and apply stuff. I tell myself to just let my skin breathe and do it's own thing but I can't seem to stop with the face masks! They are so addicting I don't know why. There's nothing more frustrating then buying a face mask hoping for a complete skin makeover (unrealistic but it's how we think!) only to learn your face is softer for the next few hours. I have been using face masks for years and have complied a small list of 5 that work great on my skin. I am by no means a skin care professional but with trial and error you learn a thing or two! 

As I get older I have had more breakouts- thanks Mom! As a teenager I rarely had pimples/breakouts and I was always in the gym (gymnast) so it's strange that it's happening more now. I try to keep my skin looking as best as it can because who doesn't want to be flawless when they wakeup ;) 



Before I apply any sort of face mask I use my Makeup Eraser to remove anything on my face and then wash it with Skinceuticals Cleanser and my Clarisonic. If you don't have a clarisonic they are magic little skin brushes that get into every pore/groove/spot on your face. I got mine as a Mothers Day gift from my Mother in Law a few years ago and it completely saved my skin. I was breaking out badly after I had Maverik and I give full credit to my Mia for clearing it up! 

Masks that work well for me

1. Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Masque- As I mentioned in my previous blog post this is a new brand for me and I love the cleanser and this mask so much. The masks really softens and brightens your skin tone, all while evening it all out. It doesn't really have a scent and it goes on nicely without sticking to your fingers. 

2. Freeman Exfoliating Peel Off Mask with Charcoal- I always seem to get lucky and find this mask at Nordstrom Rack. It's a little thick and sticky so I always was my hands right after. Make sure to rub it off of your sink too. It sits on your face until it dries and then you slowly peel it off. It hurts a tiny bit but nothing to where you can't remove it. I like to look at the peelings after to see what was removed from my skin - gross! It's one of those things you just can't help but want to see! 

3. Kate Sommerville Exfolikate- OMG this stuff... is amazing. It came in one of my FabFitFun boxes, love them! It instantly burns your face in a good way. It says to start by keeping it on for 30 seconds and gradually make your way to 2 minutes. I like the hurt so I went full force for the 2 minutes and sometimes leave it in for 5 minutes. It 100% burns but you know it's working! I GENTLY rinse it off with a warm, damp wash cloth. Your face will be red after, mine is usually for about 10 minutes but it will be softer, clearer and completely revitalized! Love love love this stuff! It's also known as Hollywoods 2 minute secret. 

4. Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask - I have been using this one for years as a mask not a cleanser. I keep apply it all over and wear it for 10-15 minutes depending on what I am doing, bath, organizing, cleaning, etc. It also has a stinging feeling but not as much as the Exfolikate. It is very affordable which is why it's one of my staples and it can be used daily (as a cleanser). It has benzoyl peroxide in it which really gets into the pores, thats where I see the most difference. 

5. Tula Exfoliating Treatment Mask - You are supposed to use this twice a week but I always miss a day somehow! It has little beads in it so you can exfoliate your skin after you wear it for 15 minutes. It smells very refreshing and I like the texture it has, more of a mud mask I would say. It definitely brightens, that is always the first thing I notice and something I always look for with masks since my skin is darker. It also makes your skin look more matte whichI have never experienced with a mask but something I like to see! I usually put this on right before I hop in the shower and wash it off at the end of my shower. If you want to wear it while you roam around the house you can, it won't drip or anything. 

What are your face masks must haves? I love trying new things so please send me your recommendations and favorites! I hope you try these out and they work for you as they do for me. If you have any questions just comment below. Thanks for reading!