I can't believe it's been two years since we tied the knot! I wish we could re-live that day because it went by super quick! It's a common things couples say when talking about their wedding day. You spend months and months planning (sometimes years!) and you're busy the whole day from hair and makeup to photography, getting nervous then getting excited and the DJ certainly keeps you busy with dances and traditions. Before you know it they're asking you what you want the LAST song of the night to be! 

Here is a link for our wedding video that was captured by Imagine Studios, I could watch it everyday. 


It's been noted that the traditional gift for a second anniversary is cotton. Cotton symbolizes the need for marriage to stay strong and for it to be able to adapt to changes. Cotton is valuable due to its practicality. Makes sense, right? You can rub a cotton ball to remove nail polish and it just never tears, not even with glitter polish! Same when you're trying to remove your mascara and you look like a raccoon, that cotton ball may be black and shriveled but it maintains its composure no matter what you put it through. 

Last year I got Nathaniel a very nice watch and he gave me my double wedding band {first anniversary is paper but we didn't listen, it's fine} which took much convincing by yours truly. At the time we agreed on not doing gifts for the following year because we spent plenty last year but...I'm thinking something semi- simple.  

As I mentioned Pinterest, there's a cute set up with a bottle of Prosecco and cotton candy in champagne flutes, embroidered socks, cotton branch arrangements and some DIY projects. I did some looking around and was able to find really cute items that seem more {my} our style that will last a lifetime. 

  • FALLING Linocut Print from Uncommon Goods - Melts the heart! It would be perfect in a nice, big frame in the master bedroom and at $30 you can't beat it.

  • Custom Pillow from SassyStitchesbyLori on Etsy - COTTON! Cute for your couch or bedroom. I am a sucker for anything personalized and they reasonably priced at $32.

  • Last name tea towel from SassyStitchesbyLori on Etsy - again, personalized but how cute are they. Last name or even just the first letter. I even think these would be cute in the bathroom to just leave on the counter. Priced from $12 to $15 you could get a few.


Before I decide what I am going to get I will to casually bring this up to my Husband and see what his response is. 99% of the time it's something funny and sarcastic, my guess is he will say 'our anniversary is next month,' or 'oh I must have gotten ours mixed up with my other wife." He likes to make jokes so we will see!  I am totally fine with going to dinner and opening a nice bottle of Malbec. I will let you all know what we decided... what did you all do for your second anniversary? 

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