Before I begin this post you must know that I am NOT a jean person at all. I find them to be very constricting and uncomfortable. You know how sausage is stuffed into that creepy casing… well that’s how I feel in jeans. I am fun sized, 5’1″ to be exact and I have a longer torso making my legs the same length as my four year old sons.  Jeans are always too long and the ‘short’ sizes are too wide in the hips. I’ve tried many different brands and styles but I feel more like me in anything but jeans.

With that being said over the past few months I have noticed so many cute outfits with ripped jeans, dressed up and down with heels, wedges, you name it. For a while I ignored them because of my past jean history and I wasn’t going to fork out $150 on something that’s possibly just a trend. Well flash forward we’re in 105 degree weather and what do I want, ripped jeans. All of the cute bloggers I follow post left and right with different ripped jeans linked to the brand(s). I follow through the tagging and they are typically priced $98 and up but are sold out in my size. Pricey yes, but so cute! Do I dare take the risk of disappointing myself with jeans not fitting correctly in the proper places and then the agony of having to return an online order… does not sound like any thing I want to partake in. That’s when I decided to rip a pair of jeans myself.

What would we do without the internet and youtube? I found many tutorials, all of which were very easy and similar to one another. Luckily I already had the required tools except for a pair of jeans. Dreading the hunt, I dragged Maverik to Downtown Summerlin and I quickly found a pair at Forever 21. (the link takes you to the exact pair) I say quickly because 5 seconds of being in the store Mav is dancing around, jumping and talking extra fast grabbing his boy parts. I had no choice but to hurry! This was the week of the Electric Daisy Carnival so Mav had lots of questions about some of the accessories and tops, even wanted a rainbow headband with pom-pom balls on it. The scenery kept his mind busy so I was able to grab a few pair of jeans in no time. We skipped (mom mode: you have to keep things more exciting sometimes!) into the dressing room and the second pair I tried on fit like a glove! They had the perfect amount of stretch and the length wasn’t made for someone in stilts. Fifteen minutes and thirty-three dollars later we hurried out and made it to the nearest restroom.

We arrive home and I try the jeans on again thinking the fitting room somehow tricked my perception, nope still perfect. I then debate whether or not I should rip and possibly ruin these one of a kind beauties… I do and result, still my new bestie!

Here is what you’ll need to get this done:

  • Piece of cardboard

  • Tweezers

  • Xacto knife or scissors

  • White colored pencil/crayon/chalk

  • Total project time: 1 hour without washing them after


Step 1: After you select your jeans, you need to try them on and with a white colored pencil, mark the places you want to cut. I drew two rectangular blobs on the left leg and one small rectangle on the knee of the right.


Step 2: I attempted to use an xacto knife to cut along the white shapes I made but it wasn’t working well. I used scissors and it was much easier. You also need to put a piece of cardboard in the legs so you do not ruin the back side of the jeans.


Step 3: Pull apart whatever you can with your fingers. Its probably a good 10 seconds before you’ll need the tweezers. You need to pull out the white strings, it’s easy to see them if you flip up the hole and start pulling them up. This is the most time consuming part, I would say I spent 10-15 minutes on each hole. Once you see the white strings close up it’s easy. The more you pull the more frayed they will become. Do this to all sides of the holes you cut.


Step 4: Make sure you are happy with your product, add more holes if you wish. Here is how they looked when I was done.


Step 5: Wash and dry the jeans as normal and they’ll get even better!


Hope you enjoy and are inspired to make your own! I promise it was very easy just time consuming. The good thing is you can’t really mess up since they’re one of a kind  Thanks for reading!!!