Alright so obviously this post is going to be about some sort of "all-natural beauty enhancer" procedure. A lot of people don’t like to share personal things especially when it has to do with a a little nip and tuck or getting something done at a med – spa. I don’t know why or what the big deal is, why hide something if you like it. I am not opposed to any sort of procedures that help you prolong your youth as long as possible, as long as it looks somewhat natural. Everyone has their own definitions of what “natural,” means so interpret that however you wish.

As I’ve mentioned before I am now in my thirties and I am paying more attention to my skin; products I use {so many contain ingredients linked to cancer, watch out!} fine lines, acne, what makes my eyes puff up, etc. I am constantly applying Vaseline to my lips at night and lip-gloss/lipsticks during the day. I feel naked without anything on them! I’ve heard that collagen decreases with time and I definitely want to keep all of mine mine, especially in my lips for as long as possible.

With that being said I decided to get some JUVÉDERM in my lips! It sounds 100 time scarier than it really is. After some research and googling reviews, I made an appointment at Advanced Asthetics. Before going into the med-spa I took some car selfies to use as my ‘before’ photos.


The process probably took an hour total. You fill out some paperwork, apply numbing cream all over your lips and surrounding area and anxiously yet nervously wait for them to call your name. They even have wine for you to chill out with so of course I had a glass because I was going from freaking out to not feeling my tongue to playing it cool. I repeatedly told myself, beauty is pain, and it helped!

Numbing cream all over my mouth area… see the wine! Debating if I should have some or not

Numbing cream all over my mouth area… see the wine! Debating if I should have some or not

Lying in the chair waiting for the Dr. Mike to enter the room was probably the longest three minutes I’ve experienced in a while. I hurried to finish my wine but since my lips were so numb I was spilling most of it down my shirt which made everyone including myself laugh. Dr. Mike came in, asked some questions and began poking. On a scale of 1 – 10 the pain was a 2. I would say equivalent to when you get the numbing shot at the dentist, that initial poke but you get about 8-10 in your lips? Not bad at all. They also use a cube of ice before some of the injections. After that he rubs your lips to shape them and gives you a mirror and you instantly feel like Kylie Jenner. Just kidding, but I noticed the change and I was IN LOVE WITH MYSELF! Kidding again but, I was super happy with the results!


I was given a bag of ice to keep them off and on my lips to help with swelling. Two spots began to get sore after about an hour; this also happens because the numbing cream is wearing off. It wasn’t horrible just a little tenderness but did not require any aleve. I say aleve because tylenol does not do a damn thing for me.

That night when my Husband got home he was looking at me like something was different but never said anything about it or figured it out. I did not tell him I was getting my lips done because he would have probably told me not to do it, and I don’t need it and blah, blah, blah. {I ended up telling him a week later}


The swelling went down and down but the third day I wanted them to stay how they were which is the below!


It’s been almost a month and a half and I am SAD that they have gone down as much as they have. I can see a nice difference in my cupids bow, in my profile and my bottom lip. They say the more you go the better the results. Some people go again after two weeks or wait 6-8 months. The below photos were taken today, July 28th. I have the best lighting in my car, maybe because the interior is grey?!!?


Did I need to get this done? No. Was I happy with my lips before? Yes! Could I have waited a few years? Probably. Would I do it again? In an instant! I am not going to get carried away with it because that’s just not cute. I will go again at some point though!

Thank you for reading, if you have any questions comment below and most importantly, Happy Friday!

P.s. For the record, I LOVE Kylie’s lips!