I am so excited to tell you that you can now purchase my favorite nail polish locally! I have been waiting for this day for years!! People always compliment my nail color and I have to explain it’s a brand from Europe and that you can’t buy it in the USA. It’s called P2 cosmetics and you can learn about the brand here. 

Let’s backtrack. Growing up as a girl you paint your nails and try whatever brands you like based on the color and popularity as you get older. You could never have too many different kinds of glitter, pinks, purples, and we can’t forget the Katy Perry collection by OPI! I remember when Avril Lavigne was popular and she wore black polish but it was always chipped. I remember painting them and trying to chip them with my teeth and or a file. I’m sure it made my Parents cringe. Now that I’m older I prefer to purchase things based on quality, price and durability.

I discovered P2 Volume Gloss a few years ago through my friend Jelena, whom is from and currently resides in Germany. When she was staying with us a few years ago she brought a small bag of polishes, all P2 and I fell in love with the quality and formula. At the time you could not find it anywhere in the USA. When Jelena went back to Germany she started sending me different colors so I have quite the collection now, thank you J!

On a random trip to Walmart I decided to take a stroll through the cosmetics to see if my mascara was cheaper vs. where I usually buy it from. I had one of those gut feelings to look down at 8’o clock on the shelf and what do you know, I saw P2 Volume Gloss staring at me! I could not believe my eyes! I did a little happy dance, Maverik stared at me with his big brown eyes before asking, “what are you doing?” There was about 5 or 6 different colors so I am hoping they add more but I accept and am thankful for baby steps.

Why P2? The price is very affordable, under $3.00 for a bottle. The formula is unlike any polish I have ever used before. It’s thicker and shiner, you only need two coats and then of course a clear top coat. It eventually will chip but I try to do mine once a week so it stays fresh and fabulous! {small trick – use a small paint brush and acetone to remove any skin mistakes} My favorite color which I wear about 90% of the time is called little princess. You can check your local Walmart or order it online here. I encourage you to give it a try, I promise you will love it!


Now you are probably thinking, “why not just go to the salon?” I do, for pedicures but I prefer to paint my own nails. I enjoy it, there’s something calming about it and I like that I don’t have to waste time at a salon. If something gets messed up I don’t get mad that I just spent an hour of my time and $40, it’s an easy 10 minute fix at work or home. I did get acrylic nails back in May and then had one fill. I was over it after that point and ripped them off. I am still working on growing out that ugly curved line but the P2 polish is thick so it covers/blends it pretty well.

Let me know how you like P2!!