It's always exciting when Las Vegas gets a new restaurant especially ones off the strip because they seem to be geared towards locals more than tourists. Don't get me wrong the strip is nice but sometimes you want something a little less crowded and low-key! My Husband and I were lucky to be invited to North Italia in Summerlin last week prior to their public opening. I was so excited because a couple of my friends had been to the Orange County location and absolutely loved it! 

Upon arrival the outside was so cute, modern and welcoming! I love the long vertical windows and outdoor patio space they have. Perfect for brunch in the Spring!! 


How cute is this outdoor fireplace!? LOVE the tile on it!! Behind it is the outdoor patio and the photo of the dock is actually Lake Mead! 


We were warmly and enthusiastically greeted by the staff, everyone was very genuine and seemed very happy to be there which is always nice. We were seated right away. The interior of the restaurant is very calm and comfortable with simple yet perfect decor, the lighting was perfect. I don't like when restaurants are so dark you can't take a selfie/snapchat :) Once you are inside the bar is directly to your right side which is pretty much the breaker from indoor to outdoor. The walls have white shiplap (which I am in love with!) and one side has boat propellers and of course the made the look chic! Your eyes are automatically drawn to the back of the restaurant which is an open kitchen- you can see right in and watch if you wanted! 


The table was adorned with a pink tulip in a bud vase, it's rare to see tulips and I know this because they are my favorite flower! Simple yet they stand out. There were also very nice copper salt and pepper shakers! Let's talk FOOD and drinks! Nathaniel had beer and one of the rosemary cocktails which were presented with cute garnishes. I say cute because I just think they make drinks look so much nicer so I always am surprised/excited when drinks have them! I wanted a not too sweet preggatini (non-alcoholic cocktail) just to pretend so I asked for the servers recommendation. I was brought a fizzy lemon drink which was so good! As an appetizer we ordered the chef's board which was largely proportioned for two people, we didn't finish it but I tried! The best part of the cheese board were the bread, olives, asparagus and the soft cheese - I didn't get the name but you spread it on. SO good!! It's in the little metal dish in the photo. 



For our entrees my Husband ordered the Chicken Parmesan which came with parmesan rigatoni which you normally see that paired with a red sauce. I couldn't take a picture because he dug in so quickly! The chicken was a very large, tender piece though! I ordered the Roasted Salmon which came with white bean ragu. Size was great, I am not a huge white bean lover but the flavors went well together and the salmon was cooked perfectly! 


Lastly for dessert we shared the Bombolini which are italian donuts with lemon curd and vanilla mascarpone. SO SO SO GOOD and they were warm! 


Overall everything was wonderful! The staff was very tentative and knew the menu very well! We were able to meet the General Manager, German Crespi who was very nice and was seen throughout the restaurant helping his team deliver food/etc. A good leader steps in and takes action, doesn't just sit back and watch! We will definitely go back, I want to try the Brunch/Lunch menu!! North Italia is officially open as of today at 11am! I hope you stop by, you won't be sorry! They offer lunch, dinner and brunch on the weekends. Online reservations and the menu's can be viewed online here