This time last year I was planning my 30th Birthday Party! I had a penthouse at Aria Resort & Casino, wore a silver sparkly sequin dress and magenta Steve Madden heels! I had so much fun ringing in 30! This year will be much different because for one I can't indulge on any fancy cocktails (BOO!) nor do I feel like 'partying.' I do want to do something fun though!? 

My cute friends keep asking what we're going to do and I just can't make a decision. We are two days away and I still haven't decided. Sometimes when I'm feeling confused or unsure I write things out and somehow have come up with a decision by the end of writing. I am hoping that's the case this time too! 

#1. Ice Skating & S'mores at the Cosmopolitan! Super festive for the Holidays and would be super cute! People can still have cocktails too which is perfect. It can also be late afternoon, like 4pm so you still have sunlight. Side note- yes I feel comfortable ice skating, I was a gymnast growing up and like to think my balance is still good as long as I'm not on the damn BEAM! ;) 

#2. Dinner at Marrakech Las Vegas! I have never been here but have heard the atmosphere is unlike any other. They have belly dancers and mediterranean food, I think you eat with your hands too (optional) which has always sounded fun ever since I saw the movie Along Came Polly. 

#3. Spa Day at Spa Mio in the M Resort!! I love this spa, I've been to a handful different resort spa's and the M is my favorite. It's never too crowded, nice and peaceful and they do a great job! They also give locals a discount which is nice. I would definitely get a facial, it's time! Downside is I can't go in the sauna or spa - just my feet.  It would still be very relaxing though! 

#4 Dinner and a painting class - such as Pinots Palette!  It still gives people room to drink if they wanted. Only downside is I never know what to do with the painting because 90% of the time it doesn't match my home decor. 

#5 I personally could not do this however I know a lot of people who have and have enjoyed it... it's one of those escape rooms where you have to figure your way out. I just can't.... but had to put it on here for you dare devils! 

Or you could opt for a girls night in, movies, pajamas, good snacks! I have no idea what I am going to do yet because we are going to stay in Boulder City Saturday night. I have time to decide and am open to any ideas you all may have! Thanks for reading and Happy Birthday to all of the Sagittarius' out there!