I am so excited to share with you all that we are expecting Baby Hedlund #2 in May!! We found out the weekend of our Anniversary [September] and I have been so eager to share the news but prefer to wait until after the first trimester. If you remember from my Instagram post, I was at Route 91 Harvest Festival on October 1st so I will touch base on that and what was going through my mind being pregnant. This time around has been completely opposite from when I was pregnant with Maverik. Below is a little Q&A I thought would be a fun way to share how the last few months have been. 

How far along are you? 14 weeks 

How big is the baby? The size of a lemon! 

Maternity clothes? Not yet but I've been more comfortable in looser clothing like leggings, t-shirts, sweaters, etc. I don't think I wore any maternity clothes with Mav until I was 20ish weeks. 

Change in sleep pattern? Yes! I am wide awake at either 3am or 5am for an hour or so. I was taking a lot of naps in October because I was completely exhausted but my energy is coming back thank god! 

Any symptoms? Ugh... you have no idea. I have had the worst morning sickness which lasts all day and finally goes away when I fall asleep at night. I wasn't nauseous at all with Mav so this has been completely opposite. It's finally going away and I am so so thankful. Ginger ale, red gatorade, club crackers and preggie pop drops have been my best friend. I was also getting very bad headaches from not being able to drink coffee so I would have a coke here and there to help. I am not a soda person at all so sometimes I feel bad for drinking it.  I can have 1/2 a cup of coffee now and it doesn't make me sick; my doctor says to limit caffeine and that 1 cup a day is fine. 

 Any food cravings? None yet, I actually lost a little bit of weight from being so sick and not being able to keep things down.

Gender? We don't know the gender yet but can find out in a few weeks by going to get a 4D/HD Ultrasound. Fingers crossed #TeamGirl

What are you looking forward to? Finding out the gender of course and just seeing how else this pregnancy differs from the first time and seeing the baby grow! Another factor in why it may be different is because I am four years older than I was with Maverik. I will be 31 in 10 days but I don't know how true that whole thing is. 

Are you showing? Not yet! I didn't show with Mav until I was around 20 weeks but they say the second time you show quicker so we'll see. 

Anything else different? One weird thing is I have to shower sometimes twice a day, I just feel so much better after. I usually would use non-scented body wash but found it repulsive (!?!??!) and have become OBSESSED with Dove's Blue Fig & Orange Blossom body wash. It think it smells SO good and it's one of the things I look forward to! haha You need to try it but don't buy all of them because I need them! ;) I also haven't been able to wear perfume, it makes me sick which makes me sad because I just look at the pretty bottles when I'm doing my makeup. I remember with Mav I would wear Lady Million by Paco Rabanne and a few weeks after I gave birth I could not stand the scent. I had to get rid of it and to this day I can't smell it without feeling gross. I would rather wait until I 100% can wear perfume because I don't want to have to get rid of my current stock. I also want to have a healthier pregnancy this time around. I ate whatever, whenever with Mav and want to focus on high protein low carbs and get some exercise in. Obviously nothing rigorous but something.  

Lastly...Route 91 Harvest Festival. I don't like talking about this night but feel it's necessary in this post. I had found out I was pregnant about two weeks prior to October 1st so of course it was on my mind. While gunshots were being fired Brooke and I were hiding on the ground behind a cooler and wood pallet. I remember thinking to myself and praying to God that this is not the way we were going to die. I kept telling myself we have to survive this, we will get through it, we will be ok. A lot of positive affirmations were going through my mind as there was chaos all around, people next to us crying on the phone telling their loved ones they were going to die, basically saying goodbye. I tried to block all sounds out and just focus on my thoughts as I squeezed Brooke's hand. Of course you have milliseconds of doubt but I kept my eyes closed and just kept thinking we can't die, we won't die, I have this baby in me and I have to get out safe for it. Thankfully we had angels and or my Brother, watching over us and we were unharmed. To all of those harmed I am so sorry and hope you Rest in Peace. To my fellow survivors we know life is short and can be taken at any moment, do what makes you happy. I hope we find answers to this awful tragedy. 

I don't want to end such a happy post with something sad so I have a story! We have not yet told Mav that I am pregnant because he will probably ask a million questions about it everyday until May. If you have a four year old or have been around one you know that they just love questions! One day him and I were driving in the car and he just blurted out, "so what are you going to call your baby?" I asked what baby, and he said "the one that's going to be in your tummy." I told him I didn't know yet. He just had the slyest little smirk on his face! So weird right!? They say sometimes kids have an intuition about these things. He says he only wants a baby sister and we tell him you don't get to pick but he doesn't quite understand. He will also ask when the bird is coming to put a baby in my tummy! So cute. 

I am excited for this journey and am looking forward to sharing it with you all. If you have any questions at all please let me know. Thank you so much for reading!!