Apple Cider Vinegar HAIR RINSE!! I know what you're thinking, who wants their hair smelling like any sort of vinegar. It's rare that I wear my hair up so I was concerned about how my curls and volume would be affected until I tried it a few times. 

Have you ever noticed that sometimes your hair gets extra oily faster than other times or that it doesn't hold a curl as long as it used to? I HAVE and it's very frustrating. It doesn't matter how expensive of shampoo's you try either. I switch shampoo's inbetween washes to help but sometimes it doesn't change anything. It's because there is so much left over product on your hair; product, styling creme's, hair spray, conditioning treatments, etc. A lot of shampoo leaves extra oils on your hair to make it shiny, volumized or just to smell good. The apple cider vinegar hair rinse works it's magic to gently break away that left over residue.

I've had the dp HUE ACV Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Rinse for a little over a month now, it came in my Fall FabFitFun box and I was so excited because I had been wanting to test it out! A few friends and I had talked about an apple cider vinegar rinse over Summer and hadn't decided who was going to be the guinea pig. 

The bottle says to use it with wet hair on your scalp daily or weekly. I prefer to use the product while in the bath two times a week. I wet my hair, squeeze out excess water and put it in a ballerina bun on top of my head. Once it's up I apply the rinse all over my scalp and gently massage it in so it spreads as evenly as possible. The bottle says to leave it in 1-3 minutes but I do more like 10 minutes! After I am over the bath (because it gets boring after you've soaked long enough!) I take a shower to feel extra clean and rinse my hair. I put on body oil and a face mask while in the bath and just relax and use the shower to do the actual that weird? Once all rinsed I dry my roots and let the rest of my hair air dry and style as usual but I don't put product in it after I use the ACV rinse. The ACV rinse does not create a lather or bubbles like shampoo does so don't expect suds or anything, you'll get used to it. 



Now you're probably wondering about the scent, when you open it there is a soft vinegar scent, nothing too crazy. They've also added in argan oil, fire tulip, lavender extract, aloe vera and more. The scent is unique and unlike anything i've smelled, not too floral or perfume, I think it's fine for the benefits it gives your hair. You don't smell much of it when it's dry and when you have it on your head it's not super strong or anything, I don't even notice it anymore. 

The first time I used the ACV rinse my hair got super oily the next day but I think it may have been because it was my first time and my hair had who knows how much residue on it. The second time it felt so much nicer and had bounce to it. Now a days when I use it my hair is softer, feels lighter and healthier. I definitely recommend trying this out to anyone who even just uses hair spray. You'd be surprised and how your hair will feel after. 

Have you tried any ACV rinses? Do you have any other hair tricks or diy remedies, I'd love to hear! Hope you enjoyed reading, thanks for stopping by! 

***4/18/18 UPDATE: I came across something that links hair loss with apple cider vinegar. It's definitely worth the read and something people have asked me questions about with being pregnant and if I am losing any hair. Click here for the information!***